Oral & Dental Health Care

Did you know that by age three, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs begin showing signs of dental disease? With regular oral and dental health care many of these diseases can be controlled. We recommend brushing your pet’s teeth on a regular basis and providing dry pet food, which helps in tartar prevention. In addition, it is helpful to have the professionals at All Pets Veterinary Hospital perform a dental cleaning once a year.

Most often, bad breath is caused by dental or periodontal disease. Some pets do not adequately chew their food; thus they don’t clean their teeth naturally through the chewing process. Thus, they need some help in keeping their teeth clean so that there won’t be disease in the future. Advanced dental disease can cause infection that enters the bloodstream, which might pose potential problems with your pet’s heart, liver and kidneys.

Studies indicate that good preventive dental care and treatment of diseased teeth and gums can extend your pet’s life expectancy by 2–4 years. Should you notice problems at home, such as chipped teeth, bad breath, or a change in eating habits, please bring your pet in to see us.

All Pets Veterinary Hospital’s oral and dental services include:

  • Routine prophylaxis — teeth cleaning and tissue assessment
  • Dental x-rays — when deemed necessary
  • Dental extractions
  • Oral surgery

Dental and oral checkups, as well as treatment, are tailored exclusively to the needs of your pet. They are based on the size, age, breed and health of your animal. Please call us or stop in if you have any dental concerns regarding your pet.