About Us

All Pets Veterinary Hospital is a beautiful facility in an urban area. Our hospital is located near spectacular bluffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean. We are a full-service veterinary hospital with state of the art equipment. We are proud of our modern, clean facility and we welcome your visits.

The doctors and staff at All Pets Veterinary Hospital believe the key to a successful relationship is communication. We want our clients to know that we provide the highest level of care available. We work with you to find the right treatment and care plan for your pet.

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited American Animal Hospital Association Accredited

All Pets Veterinary Hospital is fully accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). The Standards of accreditation are high and include evaluation of the physical facility, medical equipment, patient and staff safety, continuing education by staff along with training, medical record keeping and medical protocols.

American Board of Veterinary Practitioners

The doctors at All Pets Veterinary Hospital are certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP). The ABVP has promoted and recognized the highest standards in the art and science of contemporary veterinary clinical practice.

ABVP’s respected and fully-accredited certification process is designed for veterinarians who demonstrate expertise in a broad range of clinical subjects and display the ability to communicate medical observations and data in an organized, professional manner.

All Pets Veterinary Hospital’s doctors and staff want you to take comfort in knowing we are qualified to care for your pet’s health care needs with the utmost in professionalism and compassion.

Cat Friendly Practice

All Pets Veterinary Hospital understands that bringing your cat to the vet can be a difficult experience for both you and your cat. The Cat Friendly Clinic scheme is designed to help and encourage veterinary clinics to make cats’ visits much less stressful and to cater for cats specifically within the clinic.

Our History

All Pets Veterinary Hospital was started in 1985 by Dr. Robert Moore, DVM, DACVS, as a single person practice. In 1990, Dr. Kevin Caylor joined the practice and shortly thereafter, Dr. Evans. Dr. Caylor and Dr. Evans are now managing partners.

The practice grew into a five doctor practice and in 2001 moved from the original store-front practice into its present 8,800 sq. ft. eye catching, stand-alone building. The partnership was formed in 2003 when Dr. Moore retired from practice.

All Pets Veterinary Hospital employs highly trained specialized doctors and staff. We offer the latest in medical and surgical techniques. Progressive medicine with personal service—that is our adage.

For more than 20 years we have remained focused on providing the best care possible for your pets. We recognize that a pet is an important member of every family. It is our goal to help your pet live a joyful and productive life and to ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied with our veterinary care, facilities, and business practice.

All Pets Veterinary Hospital is ready to take care of your pet’s health care needs. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.