Stem cells are precursor cells that have the potential to develop into bone, cartilage, ligament, or organ tissue. Therapeutically, these cells can be used for arthritis pain in the hips, knees, elbow, and shoulder.

Additional problems that can be addressed with Vet-Stem are tendon and ligament injuries and immune-mediated arthritis. Vet-Stem can also be used in conjunction with surgery for joints and ligaments. Vet-Stem regenerative medicine uses the animal’s own stem cells to regenerate new stem cells in diseased or injured joints, tendons, and ligaments. The stem cells originate from the adipose (fatty) tissue drawn from the stomach or other fatty area by a certified veterinarian. The fat tissue is shipped overnight to the Vet-Stem lab, where the regenerative stem cells are extracted from the fat. The precious cells are then shipped overnight back to the veterinarian for injection into the appropriate location. The lab retains any reserve stem cells for future treatments, if necessary.

Our staff can discuss this technology with you and provide an appropriate specialty referral for individualized evaluation of your pet.